RastaBuddhaTao Milaana Vaporizer Production Coming to Vermont

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Cannabis.Pro LLC is thrilled to announce that we’ve been contracted to build the RastaBuddhaTao Milaana Aromatherapy Vaporizer in Vermont.  The RBT Milaana is designed for the consumption of essential oils, terpenes/terpenoids and flavonoids found in phytocannabinoids.  It uses a 45W heater powered by a high drain interchangeable 18650 lithium INR battery.  Featuring a simplistic vapor path design of wood, stainless steel, mica and borosilicate glass, the Milaana offers taste and an ease of extraction unsurpassed by any device on the market.

#StopViolatingTrichomes and start enjoying #WholePlantCannabis at its finest.

Photo Courtesy of Nature is Free Photography © 2016

RBT Milaana

Rastabuddhatao Milaana Vaporizer on Camel’s Hump Vermont


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