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In the last few months, we have been introduced to some new dry herb vaporizers made in the United States.  Until recently, most handheld vaporizers have been imported from China, some of which combusted material without hesitation, others that are made with cheap plastic and most of which are destined for a landfill at some point in time.

We understand that not all vaporizers are created equal and we also know that you get what you pay for.  However, there are products out there coming in at under top dollar that work better than some of the premiere vaporizers flying off shelves based on name and brand recognition alone.

In 2013, the Grasshopper project was launched on Indiegogo by a group calling themselves Hopper Labs.  They are based out of Boulder Colorado and have been working tirelessly over the past 3 years to get their Grasshopper vaporizer to market.  In the next month or two they hope to be caught up on backorders as all of the Inidiegogo units have been fulfilled.

The Grasshopper is produced in Stainless Steel and a Titanium variant (although it is not 100% Ti).  It uses a proprietary removable LiIon battery for power.  The charger included with the device is magnetic although we have to confess that we never used this charger as it has had a history on earlier models of the Grasshopper of causing the backend to fail (the company has fixed this issue according to a recent email from Hopper Labs).  This area is where the charger connects and it also the place where the power button engages/disengages with a strong ink-pen like click On/Off.

Since early February when we scored a Grasshopper from an Indiegogo retail kit bought by, it’s been our daily driver at home and out in the woods.  Prior to this we were using the Vapolution 3 (Vap3) at home since we received a production version of the device and the prototype Vap3 we received mid 2015.  The Grasshopper heats up within 5 seconds and we normally vape on the 2.7-2.8ish dial setting.  On a single battery we get 3-4 sessions.  It holds about .25g herb in the chamber.  We’ve rigged our 420EDC TiChillum to work in tandem with the silicon heat shield mouthpiece included with the Ti Grasshopper.  The TiChillum seals up nicely and allows us to get bigger cooler hits than we could with the device alone.


420EDC TiChillum on Grasshopper Titanium Vaporizer

We have been using the Grasshopper almost exclusively up until this week when received another US Made vaporizer from RastaBuddhaTao called the Milaana.  Turns out these folks are just around the corner from us here in Vermont out of upstate New York.  Since receiving the Milaana, the Grasshopper has not been seeing as much use.  We have been taking the Grasshopper when out and about for stealth purposes only.

The Milaana we received was one of the earlier released production units.  Since we received ours, we have seen pictures of the updated build that has a more recessed female glass joint housing as well as a heater vent filter made from the same stainless steel screen used in the mouthpiece/bowlpiece male stem.

We are getting 3-4 sessions on our 2500 mAh LG (yellow colored case) battery and are expecting to get 4-5 sessions on the 3000 mAh LG (brown colored case) battery as they have 20% energy as well as a lower internal resistance allowing them to run a bit hotter according to the Rasta Buddha Tao team.

RBT Milaana Herbal Vaporizer

RBT Milaana Herbal Vaporizer

We’ll be adding the Milaana to our 420EDC webstore as soon as we get the merchant account finalized.  Our standard package will include a single 18650 protected battery charger and likely a Mendo Mulcher 1.5″ Grinder, perfect for EDC and complimenting the dry herb grind recommended for best extraction using the Milaana.  All of the extra batteries we sell are the 3000mAh LG that are now included with all Milaana production models including those we have for sale currently.

If you’d like a Milaana immediately check out 420EDC to learn how we can put one in your hands.


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