Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders in Response to John Hudak’s Washington Times Commentary

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Dear Senator,

My intentions for writing to you are not negative in any fashion. I want to bring some light into your campaign concerning marijuana law and your outlook and positions on current legislation. I lobbied with some aides from your office in 2013 regarding medical marijuana access for veterans and IRS reforms concerning taxation of medical marijuana dispensaries and adult use marijuana dispensaries.

It was my understanding that you are friendly with your views towards the way the marijuana industry is progressing in legal states and that you wish to change federal law. After reading the Monday’s article by John Hudak from the Washington Times “Bernie Sanders, pot panderer”:

Why aren’t you co-sponsoring the CARERS Act?

Why aren’t you co-sponsoring S. 1726 the Marijuana Businesses Access to Banking Act (the type of legislation I came to your office about in 2013 in DC all the way from Vermont)?

Why aren’t you proposing Senate companion legislation for Rep. Earl Blumenaurer’s HR 667, Veterans Equal Access Act (again, another issue I came to you about in 2013 in DC)? 22 US Military Veterans are committing suicide daily in this country. There is no time like the present to propose this legislation.

As someone who has worked on marijuana legislation, legalization, and patients rights for medical marijuana for the past 11 years, I have to agree with Mr. Hudak that “He (Sen. Sanders) needs to bridge the gap between the real and the ideal. If he is unable or, worse, unwilling to do that, it is not the signal of a public official cloaked in principle; it is the mark of a presidential candidate who lacks seriousness.”

This is a serious issue. This industry can save the middle class in America with the right kind of laws. It can provide thousands of jobs, save billions on police spending, and generate billions in taxes. The time is now to act appropriately and maintain a progressive stance on ALL marijuana policy, not just what you have proposed at perhaps the wrong point in time.

I support you in your campaign and wish you luck.


Mark J. Linkhorst
Cannabis.Pro LLC
US Army Disabled Veteran


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