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Thank you for your interest in Cannabis.Pro, LLC™.

Our goal is to establish a free (as in freedom) open source cannabis industry beginning in America, and continuing worldwide.

Transparency is the key to removing stigma, fear, and breaking down stereotypes.  This plant has been in use for centuries but has missed a few generations thanks to prohibition.  Our goal is to reintegrate this plant into society as a substitute for petrochemicals and deadly pharmaceuticals with increased use in food, fiber, fuel (renewable & carbon negative), and a myriad of industrial uses.

We promote a community of individuals and businesses working together to support themselves on a local level.  As relegalization continues to apex, we advocate renewable energy sources to power greenhouses and full sun outdoor growing.  Always using land and locally soucred resources on a sustainable level for future generations benefit and use.

Cannabis.Pro, LLC™ consults with local and state governments on the implementation of taxation/regulation models as well as implementing/revising medical cannabis laws.  By advocating an Open Source model to the industry, it is our hope for consumers of the plant to have as much information as possible.  This way consumers can learn and determine what is best for them.

Cannabis.Pro, LLC™ also offer a variety of consulting services.  Click more below for Twitter feed. Please check Cannabis:  Open Source


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Cannabis.Pro, LLC™ develops a new Cannabis Currency

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Now that legalization has spread to the East Coast in regards to marijuana law, we would like to commemorate the legalization occurring across the world with a new cannabis currency.  It is collectible made from bleeding edge Patent Pending design.  It is a new play on an old idea.  We look forward to revealing it to the public and launching this new product.

Cannabis Currency

New Cannabis Currency:  This is a sample of Dama-Ti™ Compliments of Summit Materials, LLC™

Hope & Change, Finally from Washington DC

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There’s a certain amount of risk, guts, or craziness that goes into waking up, vaporizing some of the best cannabis in the world, and going to work.  Getting on a bicycle, throwing on earbuds, cranking up some WolfMother on an iPhone, and going to work.  Peddling down MLK to San Pablo, not just dodging traffic, dodging federal prosecution.

That all ended today.  Knowing that it was coming since this past June, lobbying in Washington DC.  Part of me knew it was going to happen when Barack Obama was elected in 2008.  It’s an understanding of reelection that it wasn’t going to happen in his first term.  Today things have changed.

Year 10:   Lobbying the FedsThe game is over.  Marijuana has won.  The cat fell out of the bag last November, and as time progressed, it has led up to the federal government respecting states’ rights not just on “recreational marijuana” but on medical cannabis.  Tax avoidance, interstate commerce, diversion to youth, and organized criminal elements are now the priority for the federal government in terms of marijuana, not state legal operations paying taxes, providing jobs, risking federal persecution until now.

Now is the time to have the conversation with politicians in states where cannabis hasn’t made any significant progress.   Now there are no limits beyond common sense and proper regulation.  In a society where alcohol is pushed at us from every angle, it is high time to discuss not just medical cannabis, but over the counter sales to anyone over 21.  Since we all need to have insurance and doctors by law, informing these professionals of marijuana consumption should no longer be verboten.  The drugs we are pushed every time we turn on cable television are much more harmful to the human body than cannabis.

An Update from Cannabis.Pro LLC

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It’s been a minute since I posted here, so here we go:

Testing:  We are moving forward with testing for Vermont Patients, Caregivers, & Dispensaries using CannaTest testing equipment and certification.  There should be no hurdles to operating a mobile lab here in Vermont after talking with Vermont state officials today.  We hope to iron out the final details of this and go through certification soon to start letting Vermont Dispensary customers know what is in their medicine, literally.

Industrial Hemp:  We plan on offering testing for industrial hemp farmers using the CannaTest method as well.

1 Year Agenda:  To offer vital information to the patient population in Vermont regarding dispensary medicine potency, effectiveness, varying delivery methods, and resources for caregivers/patients who are self-sufficient at producing medicine.

Thank you all for your support and following.  There are no walls with transparency.

Testimony on Decriminalization in Senate Judiciary Committee

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Testimony by Mark Linkhorst, Cannabis.Pro LLC, Consultant & Industry Developer
S.48 / H.200


I welcome the opportunity to offer testimony for the State of Vermont.  10 Years ago, I would not have imagined myself being able to have a conversation of this sort.  At that time, I was dealing with my own demons and protesting the War in Iraq as a disabled veteran yet to realize my own affliction with PTSD.

2004 – After a lucrative few months selling domain names for an industry leading registrar, I landed a position with the Marijuana Policy Project.  Let me add that I am here today as an activist and Vermonter, I am not affiliated with MPP or its lobbying in Vermont.  My introduction to the marijuana legalization industry started in Las Vegas, to an environment that was not friendly with any marijuana use.

Nobody told me that before I drove 3000 miles to work on legalizing marijuana for adults over 21 in the State of Nevada.  I don’t think anyone has told that to Willie Nelson either.    Later in 2004, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit and work on marijuana law reform in Alaska, a law that would have been a more advanced form of legalization than the Netherlands.  At that point, 4 ounces of marijuana was legal for personal use in the home along with cultivation of 25 plants or less, it still is.  I will add that this was some of the cheapest, highest quality cannabis I’ve ever found in the US outside of Northern California.

It was of the calibre you would find at a Dutch Coffeeshop or a medical dispensary in California.  Perhaps some of the greatest irony in Alaska was finding BC bud, all the way up there in Fairbanks.  For those here not familiar with Canadian export marijuana, you really don’t want to be.  It doesn’t burn well, barely gives you a high, some people call it Pretendica.  I illustrate this point to show that as a state with an international border, your concern shouldn’t be Mexico.  I’m sure the law enforcement here today, could discuss the contraband seized during border crossings and international smuggling operations.  I’m here to talk about decriminalization of marijuana for Vermonters.  Let me say that I hope this law moves forward, and thank you for considering it.

That’s not all I’m going to say.  Vermont needs to amend its medical cannabis laws.  I won’t sit here and advocate taxation and regulation, because I don’t want the think-tank academics from the likes of RAND Corporation rolling in here telling Vermonters what to do.  One of the things that attracted me to Vermont is the potential to be doing this right here right now, because I don’t have to be a career politician or lobbyist to have a real conversation about marijuana laws.  Now I get to tell you all my garments I’m wearing today are made out of industrial hemp, and I hope you embrace industrial hemp for your farmers, whether the federal government gives you permission or not, take the liberty upon yourselves to allow the plants growth and replenish your soils and lands.

The next thing I want to discuss is why Vermont’s medical cannabis laws need to be amended, revamped, and matured is the vertical integration model recommended to you isn’t going to work like planned.  I believe we’ll see this in the coming months as the dispensary opens in Burlington.  Last year I learned this while visiting with the BIG dispensary operator in Maine.  They couldn’t handle the demand from current patients and crop yields, and were effectively putting new patients on waiting lists to start receiving medicine.

Yesterday I paddled to New York with my whitewater kayak, a little over 6 feet long across Lake Champlain.  Nobody stopped me, I wasn’t breaking any laws, it was a risk I decided was OK to take.  I mention this because I saw 6 birds on the water, and it made me think of Vermont’s medical marijuana law.  4 dispensaries, the state government, and the federal government.

That model will not work, but the ice just thawed on the lake, and I can understand why the legislature has done what it had to with the progress thus far.  By only allowing 4 dispensaries is to make Vermont easy pray for the federal government when they decide to start enforcing patent  #6630507.  Interesting in the light of marijuana remaining a schedule I drug.  An easy scenario to imagine had November’s election wound up in the 47% guy’s pocket.

Doctors in the state of Vermont should be able to recommend marijuana for any condition they feel it can help.  They need to understand they are protected by the 1st Amendment.  Why these bodies of government are suddenly experts on cannabis therapy is beyond me. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system, everyone.   All those who use it are self medicating in some fashion, some give it up, some embrace it, some blame it, many more need it, some never use it.  Cannabis is considered the anti-drug as doctors find that those using cannabis with other pharmaceutikills use half the big-pharms compared to those not using cannabis.  The fact the state has the program being overseen by the Department of Public Safety instead of the the Department of Health would be a great place to start with medicinal progress.

Communities that have a patient base not near the proximity of the 4 dispensaries should be allowed to cultivate co-operatively.  Vermont farmers who are medical patients should be allowed to cultivate outdoors, bringing excess marijuana for their needs to one of the 4 dispensaries and paying taxes when relieving their burdens of too much marijuana, co-ops could do the same when that wonderful time of year comes.  I’m sure there are farmers out there not paying any tax under current black market prohibition but I bet they’d feel a whole lot better should that ability arise and their hempery could prosper in light of sensible regulations.

Individuals should be able to cultivate.  25 Plants in Alaska is the current law for in home personal use, under their decriminalized privacy rights.  Medical providers in California in Humboldt County & Santa Cruz county can have gardens with 99 plants for medical use.  I’m not advocating these kinds of numbers, but the numbers Vermont has implemented for medical use is not reasonable, and in turns creates a demand to be filled by black marketeers.  Those patients who are cultivating at home, should be able to get live plant cuttings or seeds from the dispensaries, buy medicine from the dispensaries as well, when needed between crops, for higher use ailments, ailments needing edibles, or concentrated extracts. Limiting patients to one dispensary is a regulation that needs to be dropped for many reasons, primarily finding the best medicine to alleviate symptoms.

What if said dispensary doesn’t have a strain to alleviate symptoms?  What if it isn’t prepared in a way that is easiest for the patient to consume?  What if the patient needs the medicine NOW for a condition but has to wait because of “regulations” on medicine amounts and production?  What if the dispensary gets a case of spider mites or white powdery mildew and ruins the entire garden?  What if the dispensary isn’t growing organically or doesn’t know how to dry/cure their products?  What if the nutrients, soils, and growing methods aren’t vegan?

Moving forward with medical marijuana, I would like to see cannabis therapeutics programs at UVM, especially studies on veterans who need the plant moreso than alcohol & big-pharma.  The state should consider allocating research funds for developing this program using cannabis legally produced under Vermont law and incorporate cannabis therapeutics into the new healthcare reform occurring.  Keeping money in the pockets of Vermonters is much better for the populace than the Monsontonization of the cannabis plant to GW-Pharmaceuticals who is colluding with the US government on a nationwide monopoly for Sativex.  Coming soon to a pharmacy near you, made from whole plant cannabis extracts.

The federal government doesn’t like large gardens, but the state has forced potentially 4  companies to fulfill the demand of the entire patient base who can’t grow for themselves or needs medicine to fill a void between crops.  In a state full of farmers, the state has setup a monopoly on the plant that will be the next DOT.COM revolution in this country.  I congratulate this body for considering decriminalization and not putting people behind bars for possessing plant matter.

I stand here telling you that come summer, there will be boats on the lake, people on the beaches, and more than 6 birds in the water.  The easiest way for everyone to be safe on the water is to consider my message today.  Consult with your doctor to see if cannabis is right for you, for euphoria lasting more than 4 hours, thank your local organic farmer.

4/20: 4/20 Rally: Come Support H.499 & H.500 on Capitol Lawn/Steps (Montpelier) Fellow Vermonters,

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Please COME OUT on Saturday, 4/20 2013 to the Capitol Lawn for a day of support and solidarity for the passage of H.499 (cannabis re-legalization via taxation/regulation including industrial hemp) & H.500 (medical marijuana law update: adds PTSD, Insomnia, Anxiety to conditions, lifts statewide 1000 patient limit, etc).

As Washington & Colorado move along with re-legalization, we have to ask ourselves why not us? Why not Vermont? Since we have no referendum/ballot initiative voice; let’s force the discussion, it is the only way we’ll be heard. Confirmed speakers to include the Sponsor of H.499.

Looking for bands, spoken word, poetry, speakers, yoga enthusiasts for a 10am session, artists, doctors, nurses, clergy, professionals, students, to speak in favor of H.499 & H.500

No vending. No “controlled” substances. No Alcohol. No pets, unless service animals.

Spread the word. Time: Setup 9am-5pm cleanup. Music starts @ High Noon

Let’s free the seed.


Dear Statehouse Legislator

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Dear Statehouse Legislator,
Just read some news about the good things happening in Montpelier.  Particularly H-499 & H-500 as this issue is something that comes very close to home for me.  I applaud all those who proposed this legislation.  To you, I offer my support, time, expertise, experience, & voice.
I’m a disabled veteran with PTSD (as well as tinnitus, chronic pain, & insomnia) who has been using cannabis therapeutically since the day I left active duty.  After my honorable discharge, I enrolled at the Penn State University.  During my first semester at University Park, I became a vocal in the public advocate and activist for cannabis users with the help of Dr. Julian Heicklen.  Another famous PSU cannabis activist is named Rob Kampia, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project out of Washington DC.  I had the opportunity to work with Rob’s organization to tax & regulate cannabis in Nevada & Alaska (where it is was and is currently decriminalized) throughout 2004.
Since then, my career in the cannabis industry has escalated.  In November of 2007, I was the inagural valedictorian, from the acclaimed nation’s first cannabis college, Oaksterdam University.  Immediately after I began working at a dispensary that sold $1Million/month of medical cannabis for 15 months, often 50-60 work weeks.   Since going independent in 2009, I’ve worked  directly with a dozen dispensaries; creating legal avenues for providers on varying levels of production to the medical community throughout Northern California.   The irony is, about a year ago, Oaksterdam University and its associated dispensary/nursery were raided by the federal government.  I’m sure my test scores are on file with the DEA currently.
Fast forward to summer 2011, my girlfriend found work in Vermont as an Americorp VISTA in Winooski, and due to the unfriendly climate of the Obama administration at the time towards cannabis in California, I decided to move east with her.  I full heartedly believe the US Gov’t was colluding with GW Pharmaceuticals to establish its patent on this medicine by monopolizing profits.  In moving, part of my thought process was helping Vermont with this issue on expanded medical use then (H-500), and now it is highlighted with a tax & regulate model for cannabis over the counter (H-499) ((can’t forget to mention the benefits with industrial hemp = Fuel, Fiber, Food)).
Since then, I’ve become a Vermont business owner working in the emerging Open Source video game and software industry.  Recently, I’ve succeeded with two campaigns, raising almost $500K in 50 days of fundraising.  I welcome the opportunity to work in both industries to grow Vermont’s economy and commonwealth should this cannabis legislation become law.  This comes down to: Money, morality, and saving lives.  Together, we can save all of them, and stop putting people in cages for using the most beneficial and safest plant in the pharmacopia.
It is now time to free this seed in Vermont.
In Solidarity,
Mark Linkhorst

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